Using Helios Double Helix Glass

My double helix glass arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to open the package.  Once inside, the Helios glass was an unassuming pale amber colour and could easily be mistaken for a rod of Effetre amber glass if it got mixed up – I labelled mine just to be on the safe side.

The best thing was playing with this glass (I’ve used a rod already!).  The following beads were made by making a small spacer bead using the Helios glass.  I waited until it had cooled as far as I could, then flashed it in a reducing flame until I had a lovely golden shine.  I then wrapped the bead in clear 006 Effetre glass, which gave subtle blue and amber hues within. I finished the bead by adding the Helios bumps.  This is where the fun really started as I kept flashing the bead in and out of the flame until there was a lovely reflective gold with a hint of rose pink depending on how the light caught in the bead.  Here they are!

Helio Lampwork Bumpy Beads

Helios Lampwork Bumpy Beads

I do think that it has very similar properties to Double Helix Aurea, but the shine is so lovely!

Sample Helios Lampwork Beads

Sample Helios Lampwork Beads

The two beads at the back were flashed in a reducing flame until I got the colour I wanted, which is a gold lustre with a hint of pink.  The bead on the left was heavily reduced and encased in clear.  The small lampwork bead was only flashed once in a reducing flame and is still translucent, unlike the large round beads.  I quite like the heavily reduced bead as there seems to be some lovely subtle yellow-orange colours in it.

Have fun!

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