Lacy Effect Lampwork Bead Tutorial

I thought I’d write this tutorial for webbing certain glass over another colour to give a stunning lacy finish over the surface.  I use CiM Hades, but Effetre Intense Black will also give the same effect as both these glasses web across the surface of another colour when placed under intense heat.

Olive Lacy Tumbled Beads

Olive Lacy Tumbled Beads

First I’ve chosen my base bead colour, CiM Olive Green and have pulled a really thin stringer of CiM Hades (about 1mm or less in diameter) in preparation.

I then make my base bead and I’m not too worried if the shape isn’t perfect at this point, as I’m going to heat it up lots in the next couple of steps.

I now wind the Hades stringer around the bead but I don’t add too much as a little goes a long way.

This is the fun bit! I hold the bead under the heat in a fairly hot part of the flame until the glass becomes molten.  I rotate the mandrel quickly to keep the glass on the mandrel and watch the Hades glass.  After a little while, I can see the Hades starting to spread and split into a lovely pattern.  Once I’m satisfied with the pattern that’s developed, I move the bead into cooler part of the flame and reshape the bead back into a round.

I then pop the bead into the kiln to cool with all the others.

If I intend tumbling the glass afterwards and want to use a transparent colour, I choose a pale colour as it darkens after tumbling.

The following image shows Effetre Pale Blue as the base bead with CiM Hades webbed on the surface.  Notice that the effect is different to the Olive Green image above but is stunning in a different way.

Pale Blue Lacy Tumbled Glass Beads

Pale Blue Lacy Tumbled Glass Beads

2 responses to “Lacy Effect Lampwork Bead Tutorial”

  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. yvonne caine says:

    Lovely pale blue lacy tumbled beads Have achieved the same effect but have also wrapped a silver stringer round the centre after making the lacy effect. Then made a necklace using one lacy bead and then one lacy/wrapped silver stringer bead. Looks lovely. Thank you for sharing and I hope you like the gold stringer idea.


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