Kalypso Double Helix Glass

Oooh – I’ve just had a delivery of the new Double Helix(DH) glass called ‘Kalypso’.  Well, I’ve had a good play around with the glass and have found that it’s fairly similar to the ‘Clio’ Double Helix glass, but more on the purple side.  I’ve managed to produce some lovely lilac and blue shades with hints of amber and pink.  I’ve also found that the finish is to some effect due to the base colour that it’s applied.  I’ve found that Reichenbach Opal Raspberry and Effetre Cobalt Blue are good bases.  Here’s a few images to give you an idea of what can be done.

Kalypso Lampwork Beads

Kalypso Lampwork Beads

I work the base colour (opal raspberry) in a neutral flame, but reduce the flame size significantly whilst keeping it neutral to melt the kalypso.  One I’ve wound the glass on, melted it and shaped it, I let it cool down as far as I dare.  I then turn down the oxygen to get a reducing flame.  I waft the bead for about a second in the flame before removing it from the heat and return the flame to a neutral normal sized flame.  I melt the clear (Effetre 006) glass over the DH glass making sure that I don’t leave any gaps and don’t get the DH directly in the flame.  I then melt in the clear and finish the bead as I like.  Hey presto a lovely bead!

Some more lampwork bead eye-candy:

Kalypso and Reichenbach Silver Brown

Kalypso and Reichenbach Silver Brown

My Favourite Beads

My Favourite Lampwork Beads

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  1. Andrea Roz says:

    I love your beads !! stunning.

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