Crocheted Snail

I love handmade items as I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into each piece. So much so that my Mum has recently re-discovered crocheting and bought a new book to make quite a few miniature creations. Needless to say, I received one of these in the form of a snail.

The Curious Crocheted Snail

What can I investigate next?

Isn’t he cute? Yes, I know that snails may not be your favourite mollusc, but this one isn’t slimy, it’s very colourful, won’t eat any greens and won’t run away (not sure ‘run’ really describes a snails movement!). What better kind of creature could you want?

Here he is examining some nettles.

Crocheted Snail Examines Nettles

I haven’t got a mouth so I can’t eat them!

He’s currently living on the mantle piece with my other small ceramic animal collection and is looking quite inquisitive, that is, for a crocheted snail.

I also feel like finding my crochet hooks now so that I can have a go too, if only I can remember where I put them?

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