Using Effetre Calico Glass

I bought this interesting Effetre glass called Calico and, to be honest, was quite uninspired when it arrived.  However, I thought I’d have a go at making some beads to see what effects I could tease out of it.

I made a dark ivory base and wrapped calico glass around to the correct size for making a round bead.  I did find that this glass wanted to de-vitrify, but by turning the propane up a bit and using a cooler temperature, I kept it at bay. I then wrapped some silvered ivory around the centre.  It could have been the pink tinted glasses I was wearing, but they definitely looked quite pink and amber when they went into the kiln, but on inspection of them in the morning, I found them to be more honey coloured with a hint of pink instead.

I wasn’t sure whether I liked this glass as first in it’s shiny state, so I decided to stone tumble them to see what happened.  I was pleasantly surprised after I’d cleaned the lampwork beads as the subtle pinks and honey tones were softened and the silvered ivory gave some contrast with their dark colours.  I think I quite like this calico glass now!

What do you think?

Organic Ochre Lampwork Beads

Organic Ochre Lampwork Beads Made with Calico Effetre Glass

One response to “Using Effetre Calico Glass”

  1. Bobbie Pene says:

    I use calico as one of the colors for the landscapes of my tree beads. It reacts wonderfully with other glasses and gives the impression of a rocky landscape with rolling hills in the background. I love it…….but it can be a very shocky glass.

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