Lampwork Heart Bead Press

I had to collect a parcel from the main Post Office today and, to my surprise, it was my bead presses I’d ordered! How could I forget that I’d ordered them? Anyhow, I’ve had a great play with them and love both shapes, which seem to be quite easy to use.

This is the first heart bead I’ve made with the press and the shape is really lovely. I’ve used Clio Double Helix glass and clear Effetre to encase it. I then applied a purple murrini to one side, just to give it a bit more interest.

Lampwork Heart with Clio

Lampwork Heart with Clio

I’ve also got a pillow press, which I think gives the lampwork beads an unusual, but interesting shape that could be incorporated into a necklace or bracelet design.  I can’t wait to make something myself with this shaped bead!

Lampwork Pillow Beads in Red

Lampwork Pillow Beads in Red

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  1. Could you please tell me where you managed to get your heart bead press. I’d be most grateful as I’ve trawled the web and haven’t come up with a nice one yet.



  2. Ciel says:


    Sorry for the delay in replying. I got my bead press from the following website:

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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