Silvered Nugget Lampwork Beads

I took some lovely beads out of the kiln over the weekend.  I love making them in nugget shapes using a marver to press the molten glass into these shapes.  I still think it’s like working with sticky toffee!

This first set is made using an effetre ink blue base (I really like this colour – blue with a hint of purple) with psyche double helix glass wound around one end and silvered ivory the other.  I then swirled them in various places to mix the two colours together.  Once I’d reduce the psyche, each bead was popped into the kiln with it’s silvery coating.

silvered nugget lampwork beads

silvered nugget lampwork beads

The silvered glass has such lovely colouration and it varies depending upon how long you reduce it.  Teamed with silver, these would sing!

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