Harris Tweed Fabric

I think this is my favourite fabric at the moment – it sews beautifully and comes in many fabulous colours (see selection below). I don’t usually like pink, but I think it’s one of my favourite colours in the Harris Tweed range!

Which is your favourite?

Harris Tweed fabric selection

Harris Tweed Fabric Brooches

I couldn’t keep away from ordering more Harris Tweed – it’s so beautiful! So here’s another collection of brooches I made with some new colours and of course some of my lampwork buttons to match!

You can find the available ones here:

Harris Tweed Flower Brooch

I’ve been playing with a small supply of Harris Tweed fabric – it’s fabulous and comes in some wonderful colours. I particularly like the tartan patterns and colours.

Anyhow, I had some spare lampwork buttons to use up, so I thought I’d have a go at making some brooches. So here you go!

Harris Tweed Flower Brooches

Lampwork Glass Course With Angelika Kaufmann

Last weekend I spent a fantastic two days at Tuffnell Glass on a lampworking course with Angelika Kaufmann who taught us some new techniques for controlling hair thin strands of glass to draw onto a bead!

We started with flower beads before moving onto making butterflies and and owl bead on the first day. Here’s what I made:



On the second day we were all back at the torch, but this time making lampwork flowers, houses and finally an elephant bead.

The best side :)

Alternative Side of Beads

It was really good fun apart from my arms felt like falling off as each bead took 40-50 minutes to make!

If you’re interested in taking up lampwork or attending a master class with one of the lovely artists out there, you can see the courses available at Tuffnell Glass:

Tuffnell’s Classes and Tuition

Now it’s time for me to go and play with glass again and my new elephant press!

C-L x

Lampwork Beads and CIM Sunset

I’ve been playing around with various new glass colours that are now available in the UK and I particularly like the new ‘Sunset’ CIM colour.  It seems so versatile, especially when different subtle shades can be encouraged from the glass by applying different heat.  It’s also great when encased in clear. I thinks it’s my favourite opaque orange glass – even nicer than Effetre Coral!

Here’s some pictures of it in various uses…

Sunset Lampwork Heart Bead

Sunset Lampwork Heart Bead

Orange Scroll Beads

Orange Scroll Beads

Heart to Heart Lampwork Beads

I have been making lots of lampwork hearts at the moment as the shape is interesting to work with and, well, who doesn’t like a heart!  I also have to think about what decorations I can apply to such an irregular shape.

I particularly like them when they’ve been in the stone tumbler (like the two sets below), but I have to make the beads as smooth as possible first, otherwise the beads end up with shiny patches where the stone tumbling can’t reach.  I finish these shiny areas gently with a bead reamer and put them back into the tumbler again to improve the finish.

Black Stone Tumbled Heart Focal Bead

Purple Flower Heart Lampwork Bead

Purple Flower Heart Lampwork Bead


Spots and swirls work really well on a heart shape, or just applying simple sweet flowers to them can make a simple statement and doesn’t detract from the purple swirly shades in the lampwork heart as in the picture above.

Alternatively, wiggling Double Helix Helios over dark ivory gives a lovely effect as you can see a dark line where the two glasses touch.

Golden Lampwork Heart

Golden Lampwork Heart

There are just so many possibilities to play with, I don’t know what to try next!

Freshwater Pearls

I recently ordered some new freshwater pearls in various colours that I needed.  This is what arrived!  I love the colours and natural textures that these pearls have as well as the almost luminous quality that some of the natural coloured pearls have below.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

My favourite ones are the pink ones at the front, although I love them all.  I’ve already started to incorporated some of the purple ones into my designs, including this beaded bead necklace below.  In this necklace, I’ve hand stitched tiny beads around a wooden core bead, which makes this necklace extremely tactile.

Berrilicious Beaded Necklace

“Berrilicious” Beaded Necklace

I like to mix different types of glass beads in my designs including hand made lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals are great if you want a lot of sparkle, but are especially nice when you only use a few to accent the design rather than overpower it.  Again, I use the same principle with the freshwater pearls – a few can really enhance a design by giving it variety.

One of my favourite types of glass, besides lampwork and Swarovski crystals, are fire-polished glass beads.  These are the purple faceted beads that I’ve used in this necklace.  They reflect the light on the surface giving a gentle shine as the light catches the facets, unlike Swarovski crystals, which reflect light on the surface and through the bead increasing the amount of light reflected back.

I’m now off to see what else I can make with the pearls…

Crocheted Snail

I love handmade items as I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into each piece. So much so that my Mum has recently re-discovered crocheting and bought a new book to make quite a few miniature creations. Needless to say, I received one of these in the form of a snail.

The Curious Crocheted Snail

What can I investigate next?

Isn’t he cute? Yes, I know that snails may not be your favourite mollusc, but this one isn’t slimy, it’s very colourful, won’t eat any greens and won’t run away (not sure ‘run’ really describes a snails movement!). What better kind of creature could you want?

Here he is examining some nettles.

Crocheted Snail Examines Nettles

I haven’t got a mouth so I can’t eat them!

He’s currently living on the mantle piece with my other small ceramic animal collection and is looking quite inquisitive, that is, for a crocheted snail.

I also feel like finding my crochet hooks now so that I can have a go too, if only I can remember where I put them?

Double Helix Notos Glass

I was rather excited to receive my delivery of the new glass from Double Helix called Notos.  When I opened the package, I must admit that at first I was slightly disappointed at the pale blue-grey shade of the glass.  It didn’t excite me one bit.  Anyhow, I though it best to give the glass the benefit of the doubt and made some spacer beads.  To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure how to describe the finished beads as they have a blue-grey base with a golden metallic finish.  You would think that with the colour combination that the beads would look green, but they don’t.

I’ve spent time playing with this glass and found that it behaves fairly similarly to triton when reduced and encased in clear – although a bit paler in the blue shades.  However, I prefer it as a surface decoration as it’s quite interesting with the two tone colour effect that it seems to have.

Double Helix seem to select unusual names for their glass, so I decided to look it up. Notos appears to mean Greek wind gods according to Wikipedia.   I can’t make a link, but perhaps you can?

This is the latest batch of spacer beads that I’ve made – you can see the two tone colour combination as well as the odd bit of pink that appeared after reducing the surface to it’s shimmery colours.  I love Double Helix’s Notos glass now!

Double Helix Notos Glass Spacer Beads

Double Helix Notos Glass

New Beaded Charm Bead Tutorial

I love making beaded beads, especially if they’re easy and quick to make. With that in mind, I’ve written this detailed beaded bead tutorial to make these stunning, but quick, charm beads which take under 30 minutes each. All you need are some fire-polished beads in your choice of colour and a selection of Toho seed beads. The beads will fit nicely on a bracelet or necklace and they look really effective on leather too!

Beaded Bead Tutorial - Charm Beads

Beaded Bead Tutorial - Charm Beads

Here are a couple of examples as to how I’ve used these beads in pieces of jewellery.

Green Beaded Bead Necklace

Green Beaded Bead Necklace

Beaded Bead Necklace "Embers"

Beaded Bead Necklace "Embers"

I hope you have as much fun making these beaded charm beads as I have. I’m planning to expand my range of tutorials in the next year, so watch this space!